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30% off all Sage rods? Visit our outlet site to get yours today: http://www.lelandfly.com/On-Sale/Rod-Sale/

www.redtruckflyfishing.com pokes at the proverbial skunk streak* that happens to any seasoned Steelheader. You can find yourself in this situation when you have done something to anger the Steelhead gods; and occasionally changing your underwear.The essence of what you are willing to do for “the tug” is captured in this video.

My personal streak: 16 trips (34 days Just counted my punch card)

Miles driven: 12,000


My Offense: Definitely nothing to do with changing my underwear; most likely the plethora of fun the great school of USF and its people had to offer. Steelhead had become a side note in my mind for about six weeks (sacrilege I know)

Punishment: Sleeping on the steelhead couch.

The coast

only rewarded me with pneumonia and malfunctioning river gauges.

…29 Days of abuse was enough. On a side note, I also developed a hate for Patchouli oil (just had to google how to spell that.)

The Inland Rivers

I then headed to the Patchouli-free inland rivers (the sure bets) loaded with hatchery clones eager to eat anything. I was not quite desperate enough to go to the top of the Trinity to harass the boots. I found solid middle ground in a place that has always been good to me.

I was rewarded with life threatening encounters on the reservation. I was sleeping roadside when a meth head tried to physically persuade me to drive him to a neighboring town.

The Day My Punishment Ended

My skunk streak was ended when I tied on a muddler and a floating line. The fish, ordinary in size, had become an extraordinary peace offering from the gods.

What I Learned

My theory was if I am not going to catch fish I am not going to cast a heavily weighted rigs to exhaustion. Sometimes its just relaxing a little bit.

During this time I realized that one should carry two rods; the 1st swing a run and a second to nymph it. (not sure why it hadn’t caught a damn thing at this point) this technique allows me to fish every run to its full potential… see if there is any aggressive fish in there…then nymph shit out of it.

*Skunk streak- pr. skuhngk streek 

-noun- Oe

A period of time the steelhead gods are angered with you. During this period you are reprimanded with an arbitrary number of days that you are not rewarded with landing a steelhead. Expedition is further described as embarking with the direct intent of landing one of these silvery bastards. Also don’t whine about anything less than 5.

Symptoms- Include but not limited too:

Frequent changing of flies, Cursing, Sobbing, Excessive driving, foul smells, lashing out at loved ones, increased spawning, and dry mouth.

Eat. Sleep. Fish.

Red Truck is no stranger to Loop Tackle. In recent years, we’ve had the opportunity to wet lines with Loop’s founders, get rough with their gear, and learn firsthand why they are one of the foremost names in fly fishing innovation.

Spring 2012 marks the release of the long-awaited Cross S1 Fly Rod Series The freshly minted Cross S1 revolutionizes fly rod design by harnessing the power of 3M’s Powerlux™ (nano-silica resin) technology. Working closely with 3M to maximize the performance potential of this new material, Loop spent two years and spared no expense in developing their latest precision casting instrument. Other rod manufacturers rushed to be the first to implement this cutting-edge resin system, failing to utilize its full potential. Rather than vie for first, Loop set out to be the best.

WE SAY ….Cast one of the Loop Cross S1 Fly Rods and you’ll see why this could be the most significant development in fly fishing manufacturing since the first graphite blanks.

See the Loop Cross S1 Rod in ACTION…

Fishing for Chrome a few weeks ago.

Top Spey Casting DVD’s

I thought I would put up a list of my favorite spey casting DVD’s.

1) Rio’s Modern Spey Casting DVD

Learn the classic Single Spey, Double Spey, Switch cast & Roll cast, but also the modern spey casts such as the Snake roll, Circle Spey, Snap-T, Snap-Z, Wambat cast, Underhand cast, Spiral Spey, Spiral Double Spey, Jelly Roll, Perry Poke & Skagit casting. Teaches the viewer the most common faults to recognize & avoid & has superb bio-kinetic footage so you can see and study the hand, arm & body movement of each cast. 3-DVD Set, 4-hours.

2) Spey to Z: Understanding Traditional, Scandinavian and Skagit Style Spey Casting with single and double hand rods:

Long name amazing results. Some very good casters giving you very accurate information on Spey Casting. My favorite is wey yin.. he is an awesome caster.

3) The Skagit Master Spey Casting DVD’s

The Skagit Master Spey Casting Dvd’s are presented by two of the raddest steelheaders to walk on god’s green earth. The pioneers of the pacific north west line choppers, both of whom are attributed altering the Scandinavian Spey cast into what we know as skagit casting. Scott Howell teaches about fishing the skagit line, Ed ward offers more tips on casting.

Skagit Master: Ed Ward Skagit Casting DVD

Skagit Master: Scott Howell - Steelheading Outside the Box

4) The Henrik Mortensen Spey Casting DVD’s Set:

While it is horribly narrated by some Omaha’s Wild America/ BBC Guy. This set of Dvd’s offers some great casting pointers. There are 5 DVD’s in the set:

Henrick Mortensen: Cracking the Code- Hooking a Salmon  Spey Casting Dvd

Henrick Mortensen: Distance and Delicacy Spey Casting DVD

Henrick Mortensen: The Perfect Cast Spey Casting DVD

Henrick Mortensen: The Scandinavian Spey Cast Spey Casting DVD

Henrick Mortensen: The Scandinavian Spey Cast II Spey Casting DVD

Leland’s video Catch release Repeat!

Learn about our friend Göran… I have gained a great new perspective on casting from him. - George

LOOP CLASSIC REELS EXPOSE <with the accent at the end>

-Learn how to properly float your dry fly! Read More about dry fly floatant.